Why does Ice desolve quicker in water and slower in a juice drink💭


There may be a really easy and scientific answer to this that I am unaware of and no I haven’t googled it, I’m trying my best not to but its always something I have noticed. At my current stand point in life, I too am trying not to melt too quickly by pressure and go back to what I am comfortable with, but am learning to become comfortable with been uncomfortable. It’s so easy to go back to situations we are comfortable with but deep down we hate, and reject change because that’s all we have ever known, and though we desire change and may begin to doubt what God has said about us, this is a journey and one that will hopefully become clearer as we walk along. 

Am sitting here and I’m wondering what my next move should be as at this point I have no idea, so far my plans and what I thought was Gods will haven’t worked out😕 what now Lord? Have I jumped ship too early? 

I have done nothing but pump myself full of the Word lately desperate to hear that He will come through for me because I cannot go back to the situation I so hated. I can’t hear anymore preaching on breakthroughs, purpose, calling and manifestation without now seeing it in my life and like trying my best not to google the answer, I’m trying to blot out all other voices whether positive or negative around me and only listen for the Lords. In all my confusion and desperation, I believe he is saying to be still!   

So the answer to my question though not the scientific one is if I’d stayed in the same situation I walked out of, I would have melted a lot quicker, but been on the outside of it, in different water, in different territory I’m not melting but beginning to thaw out from the difficult experiences I’ve had, hopefully slow enough for the Lord to step in and save me! 

Signed… a young woman walking by faith! ✌🏽️


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