The joys of dealing with workplace drama

How many of us dread going to work everyday because we don’t want to be caught up in the gossip and drama that it entails. I pity the people who absolutely love their job, love what they do for a living but have to deal with this side effect everyday. Often times the sad reality is that we spend most of our time with these people more than we do our own family, and this can have an emotional and stressful affect on you when you are faced with a lack of teamwork and often times foolish, no need for drama and oh, I’ve learnt it doesn’t matter how old your are and how long you have been there, it all happens. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know not everyone faces this situation and if you are not one of them, you are blessed, give God some praise! If you love what you do and look forward to going to work everyday I kinda envy you, but happy you’re not amongst the suffering. 

Anyway, here’s to my team strong who keeps calm and keeps it moving. Keeping it moving because sadly we got bills to pay and with the scarce pool of jobs out there we don’t have much choice. Let’s drink to your maturity and your strength in handling every difficult situation that comes your way. 

My best advice, yep you’ve probably guessed it, try and stay out of it as much as you can. It can be particularly hard as a Christian when you are in these environments trying to let your light so shine amongst men as the bible says but at the same time having to not seem like a total walkover. The difficulty comes in wanting to serve and going the extra mile for your boss but not wanting to be used as a scapegoat or a slave to their demands. 

At times when I got home, I often found myself questioning whether I was a ‘good’ Christian or not if I handled a situation in a particular way looking back over the day. Nobody is perfect, Christ didn’t call us to be, but thank the Lord, his blood washes whiter than snow!

Signed, an in-perfect Christian ☺️


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