Are you being Squeezed?πŸ˜“

Yesterday as I was emptying a last bit of water from 2 plastic bottles into the sink ready for the recycling bin, one was a squeezy bottle with a flip open lid and the other was a turn by hand lid with a wide mouth where it could just be poured out.Β I stopped and looked at them as the thought suddenly occurred to me, this is how some of us are, some of us require a little squeezing to get the best out of us, whilst some it’s a little easier we just pour out greatness and creativity. All in all, whatever is within us has to come out somehow, no matter the method used!

The Lord is at work in all of us, some he is squeezing a little more than others but just know that everything He does carries a purpose attached to it. Sometimes we don’t see our own greatness or everything that the Lord has placed within us, so He has to take us through some experiences and some methods to get out what he has placed within us. My prayer for all of you been squeezed right now is to remain standing, remain believing, remain hopeful because I know there is purpose to your current situation. God doesn’t plan on squeezing you forever, after all it only takes a little squeezing before the juices start flowing!

God bless✌🏽️


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