The sad state of been rejected by a father

I’m trying my best as I sit here and ponder, whats the best to way to write this post without sounding off key and out of order! But the thought occurred to me, does the state of our society match up with what is currently happening spiritually? I look around and I see a desperate situation where children and adolescents aren’t been nurtured by the very people God ordained them to be accountable to.

This is the sad state of our society and it’s not the way God ordained it to be!

I think about how much the father loves us and how he would never forsake us, He took the responsibility of a whole world on His shoulders and was man enough to push past His struggles and head to the cross for us, a perfect example of himself He left us, yet the dimise in responsible and faithful fathers who would go over and beyond for their children fails to imitate this.
See, if the enemy had his way, he would see that we were all father-less, left comfort-less and feeling inadequate unable to reach out and fulfil the Lord’s mandate, never experiencing true love and confidence in the security that God loves me for me because He created me and chose to die for me, even if He only came to earth for just one, and that just one was me, He would have still chosen to die for me!
Yet the sad state of reality is that the break down of the family is casting a shadow over the Man who prayed to the father for me. The one who cried out abba father why has thou forsaken me!! In shame He hung His head knowing that on that day, my reality will match up with His reality.
He did it all for me knowing that my earthy father would have forsaken me, yet he bids me to forgive and come boldly to His throne, to the security of his love and His great purpose for me! Here’s to the fathers playing their part, great job my man, your children will honour you!

This is a message to both the rejected and the rejectee’s Jesus loves you and He knows what you are going through! He knows the pain in your heart, the questions you haven’t had the chance to ask and the lack of support. Inability to see your self worth is not an obstacle that can stop him from healing you! You’ve been brought with a price and you are so worth it!
I hear the Lord saying there is a change on the horizon, a generation is bringing change to the current situation, where men will hold themselves accountable for the responsibility of their seed. There’s only one way to heaven, through the one who taught us to pray and gave himself as an example of what a father should be to a child He so loves unconditionally!!!

Signed, a child of God!


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