Are You Comfortable with the Words I ❤️ You?

I’m posing a rhetorical question here, one that I’d like for you to think about for just a moment… are you? Not just comfortable in saying it to a loved one but also receiving those words been said to you on a genuine basis.
These 3 little words are probably the most over used words in our vocabulary often used by some without meaning or genuinity yet they carry so much power and depth.
I asked this question because I have no issues telling my nieces’ or nephew how much I love them! In fact I am determined that they know just how much I really do, so much so that for the rest of their lives I plan on saying these 3 little words over and over again to them. The reason being that I never really heard these words growing up. I know my parents love me and would do anything for me but I never heard I love you very often. Maybe it’s a thing in the Jamaican culture which I’m from where they find it hard to say or it’s just not words that are often thrown out there by parents to their children, but can be oh so important when done authentically!
I don’t know why this may be, but I’ve made up in my mind that when I am blessed to have a family of my own I want to create an atmosphere in my house where these words are not strange to hear but easily embraced and said from a place of authenticity.
Just last week I sent a voice message telling my now 4 year old niece that I love her & she boldly sent one back declaring the same. So is it just culture? Or is it nurture? Do we need to nurture a environment in which these words are consciously said, not just assumed? Making the effort to voice them vocally on a day to day basis not just allow them to get lost & unforgotten in the day to day routine of busy lives.
If you are a parent when was the last time you told your child you love them? If you are the child, when was the last time you heard the words I love you?
For some you probably cannot relate to this as you heard those words on a regular basis growing up, but those that didn’t, perhaps you went elsewhere searching for meaning to those words gravitating to those who said them knowing they potentially carried no depth to them.
We live in a generation that is at risk of doing anything to feel validated and loved, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate how and when we use these words?


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