💔 On the verge of giving up?

I’m finding it difficult on how to go about writing this blog without it sounding totally depressing as this is something I can absolutely relate to right now.

Hope hurts, like it literally can be pain staking sometimes to keep hoping, to keep believing, to stay positive, to keep striving. Some days I want to throw in the towel or is that Just me? You know those days where nothing anyone says can penetrate the inner core of what you are feeling.
How many of you are dealing with the disappointment of something you were hoping for right now? How many are on the verge of giving up? There’s a saying that says hope deferred makes the heart sick & boy they weren’t lying!

There’s a woman that I heard of who had some health issues. She was going to the doctors and medics on a regular basis trying to find out what was wrong and why she had this problem going on but also to see what they could do to help her. She literally spent years going back & forth and nothing was to her success. Imagine that! Imagine spending every day for the last 12 years hoping that today will be the day, today I will finally have what my heart so desires & then I can start looking forward to another chapter in my life, only to have that hope dashed!! Having to Pick what’s left of your self up again to keep it moving, but one thing about this woman she never stopped believing or trying & that’s the key, in the end she got her healing. As long as you are alive you have hope and the possibility of change, once you lose hope ‘your a dead man’ as I heard someone say.

I write this blog because maybe your like me, maybe no one sees that in the midst of a room full of people you still feel lonely at times or that the night before dawn you had soaked your pillow with tears of anguish and desperation crying out to God please help me & God seemingly ‘silent’. I write this blog not to patronise you with self help tips but to be a listening ear & to say I can relate and to encourage you to stay hopeful, stay prayerful, stay in the bible, just stay!!! Don’t you dare move that foot from out the presence of God’s love.

To everything there is a season, maybe a very long one in your case but you will reap your reward if you don’t give in!

Signed Kamille, a girl who understands!


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  1. nakigodspropertypif says:

    And that’s all we need. . .to be open and kind about it is beautiful. Thank you.

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