The joys of dealing with workplace drama

The joys of dealing with workplace drama

How many of us dread going to work everyday because we don’t want to be caught up in the gossip and drama that it entails. I pity the people who absolutely love their job, love what they do for a living but have to deal with this side effect everyday. Often times the sad reality is that we spend most of our time with these people more than we do our own family, and this can have an emotional and stressful affect on you when you are faced with a lack of teamwork and often times foolish, no need for drama and oh, I’ve learnt it doesn’t matter how old your are and how long you have been there, it all happens. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know not everyone faces this situation and if you are not one of them, you are blessed, give God some praise! If you love what you do and look forward to going to work everyday I kinda envy you, but happy you’re not amongst the suffering. 

Anyway, here’s to my team strong who keeps calm and keeps it moving. Keeping it moving because sadly we got bills to pay and with the scarce pool of jobs out there we don’t have much choice. Let’s drink to your maturity and your strength in handling every difficult situation that comes your way. 

My best advice, yep you’ve probably guessed it, try and stay out of it as much as you can. It can be particularly hard as a Christian when you are in these environments trying to let your light so shine amongst men as the bible says but at the same time having to not seem like a total walkover. The difficulty comes in wanting to serve and going the extra mile for your boss but not wanting to be used as a scapegoat or a slave to their demands. 

At times when I got home, I often found myself questioning whether I was a ‘good’ Christian or not if I handled a situation in a particular way looking back over the day. Nobody is perfect, Christ didn’t call us to be, but thank the Lord, his blood washes whiter than snow!

Signed, an in-perfect Christian ☺️

Just a minute Sir!

Just a minute Sir!

Welcome to the joys of work where every minute seems to roll into one and every second a second too long, every dollar worth the labour of not having an extra minute in the luxury of what we call bed. Time to rise and shine and grind whilst praying for Friday to hurry up and come so that extra minute can turn into an hour and the grinding cease from been so labouring.

Just a quiet day will do me today sir but please don’t let it drag out a minute longer than needs be, I got things to do, people to see and a bed that is calling me back to a life of luxury . Tired is an understatement and getting out of bed so hard to do, can’t quit now got to keep it moving or else my status will be changing from been paid to been paid nothing, car owner to owner of nothing. You’re expected in work today miss so don’t even think about calling in sick, there’s work to be done and no one to cover your shift, you’re blessed young dear to have a job in this society.

Everybody’s just trying to make a living, there’s no harm or shame in that, so if your cleaning your cleaning, it’s better than doing nothing and suffering, living hopelessly off the government’s benefits system. A trip to Nandoes with friends surely better than the jobcentre, so think of that whilst you’re having a lazy moment. Fight the Monday morning blues and get stuck in, no point sitting around moaning, that just makes the day seem a whole lot longer and the weekend a whole lot farther. Count your blessings you don’t work on weekends and can get up and go do your grocery shopping.

A trip to Asda, a trip to Sainsbury’s whatever it may be young miss mind the budget for us mere human beings aren’t living a life of luxury like the bankers and the country’s decision makers. If only they knew the difficulty in choosing between paying a bill and sending your child to nursery.

A young girl trying to buy her own apartment, desperate to save for that 5% mortgage, grateful to her mom for putting up with her, but now surely it’s time to stand on her own two feet. O the sweet savouring joy of coming home from work and dinner is ready; a roast chicken dinner mid week cannot be beaten by any of Jamie Oliver’s recipes. Every penny earned and every penny spent accounted for, for it takes only a minute to hit the high street and spend that hard earned money on un-necessities.
When boredom strikes my frustration begins to bubble, I cannot do this job for too much longer it will kill me, the feelings of dissatisfaction pangs at my stomach, slogging all day for minimum wage eight hours a day still leaves me hungry, I got to be my own boss one day to make my life feel worthy, been told what to do is not my cup of tea, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with authority but undermining and not appreciating me is a hell of a story.

Just give me a minute sir, I’ll be there in a second, I’ll be dressed in a hurry and come as quickly as can be, just don’t fire me, it isn’t my fault, it was my bed that kept me. Thoughts of what can be keep me dreaming, keep me hoping, keep me believing, this is not it, this is only a pit stop on the way to my destiny. No point in worrying, I got years ahead of me and a God that is working things out for my good.

SAVED, SMILING and about to hit my STRIDE!!

SAVED, SMILING and about to hit my STRIDE!!

So as 2014 approaches I sit and watch and wait with waited breath. Why? Not because I am eager to see the back of 2013 but because I know I have sown seeds, I’ve set goals,  I’ve prayed, and I have imagined a thousand times over. I refuse to be a audience in my own life anymore and while I’m at it, I no longer desire to be a audience in someone else’s.  

The thought it’s now or never often pops into my head, I dont want to be wasting precious time anymore. The bible declares our life is but a vapour of smoke, in the blink of an eye our lives can change, on this occasion I hope for the better…as long as you’re alive you have hope right?  

I don’t sit here as the perfect lil Christian girl,  far from it, for there are things in my spiritual life that needs attention, butmI’m thankful that God is merciful.  I turned 26 a few weeks ago and tho my face deceives me, my age sure doesn’t.  I wait with waited breath as the new year approaches not because I’m giving thought to some foolish new years resolution but because I feel deep down within me that I am about to hit my stride.  I will be going on some adventures this year and with God guiding every step I know it’ll all be ok. 

Single,  Saved, Smiling and about to hit my Stride…


A little More

A little More

I understand and learn more about God everyday. What he does, does not always make sense to the human mind, but he’s not a man that he shoild lie or a God that answers to any one. 

What I percieve to be something bad will probably or is highly likely to turn out for my good in the end. Joseph ended up in a pit, he suffered this not knowing that this was a pit stop on his way to destiny and everything he faced was ordained by God. I do not know my ending, all I know is my begining, but God knows my ending before my beginning. Its hard to see the joys of Egypt when your in the sorrows of the pit or the chains of prison,  not knowing that God is working it out for your good. I cannot give up hope because my own strength at times fails me, for his strength is made perfect in my weakness. I cannot be fooled by my thoughts,  by my situation,  by the demise of society for God operates at a level far greater than that, His thoughts are not my thoughts, nor his ways my ways,  He is the author and finisher of my faith,  a very presnt help in times of need. His only concern is me!

People say wait on the Lord! But what happens when you get tired of waiting? What happens when you need to see changes now?  Well… we wait some more and we pray some more, we knock some more and we seek some more, we yearn some more and we desire some more! Why? Because God will never ignore the cries of his children, wait for the vision, tho it tarries it shall come to pass declares the prophet Habakkuk,  and to everything there is a season declares the philospher. 

It is essential that in our moments of weakness we draw on everything we have leanrt or know about God over the years, every sermon, every teaching, every testimony, every service, every personal experience,  every Scripture and drink that as medicine to our impoverished souls! 

God is still in control! ! 

Bubblegum Limitations!

Bubblegum Limitations!

bubblegumFrom work to home, everyone is trying to make a living, but we’re not living when we’re just surviving and surviving doesn’t count as living. Run free young ones for your life is but a vapour of smoke. Fly high like an eagle and shine like a diamond but in all your living remember your maker, the one who keeps you breathing. Watch over your heart as your gliding, don’t burn too many bridges behind you as your leaving, keep focused on the goals that are in front of you as you imagined, don’t settle for anything less than you determined, cry when you need to, laugh when you have to but smile and keep believing. Life is suppose to be an abundance of blessing so stop surviving like it’s always a dry season. Trust in your maker the one of all things, the one who says earth is his footstool and heaven is his home. Trust in the God who counted his life as nothing, but so willingly gave it up so you could have a chance of living. Rest in hope of his loving and always acknowledge him in your giving. Fly high in your getting, but remember the lowly as you’re soaring, worry not about what tomorrow holds for he’s already gone ahead of you, keep your eye on the clock for his coming, never become so comfortable in your watching. Rest assure he’s coming but when my child is not for your knowing. Continue to hope and believe in his kingdom, the mansion he’s preparing is almost finished.

Hold your head up high in this land of the living, don’t give up hope or trying, for trying is better than nothing, living with regrets is not something you should be seeking. Keep strong and keep your feet moving, holding unto what you know and where you are going, for pretty soon you’ll be soaring, holding what you imagined and life will seem like so much more of a blessing!

It’s like I’m living in a bubblegum of frustration, I can see clearly all around me, but my mind is stuck in an episode of confusion. My feet have room to move, but my frustration is withholding my mental ability to put them into action. I desire to go forward but the opportunities seem so cloudy or is it just my mind unable to break the limitations of society.
There’s a special path set out for me, I just need to find it, I’m declaring by that the time I’m 30, I will be living happily with my husband, career and family. I may not be there now but life is a process and to everything there is a season under heaven, so if it’s my season right now to sow in tears and reap in joy later on, that’s fine lord, I receive my portion. Jobseekers allowance is only for a time, a stepping stone to months of abundance. The walls thought they had me, society thought they killed me; Satan thought he finished me but if only they knew Jesus lived within me.

Run free young ones for your life is but a vapour of smoke, live for today, withhold not your heart from all it desires, but remember in all your getting, the creator of everything. Vanity of vanities says the preacher, son of David, king of Jerusalem. Learn young ones from those who have gone before you, the silver haired amongst us, the ones who have fought the battle and survived to tell the tale, open your ears to wisdom and follow instructions. Lean not on your own understanding, for the devil seeks to kill you seeks to rob you of your gifting and your words that could change a nation. So listen young ones do not become naive in your getting, keep dreaming, keep believing and keep boasting, boasting of the God who stood with you! The one who carried you through the storms and held you through the darkest of nights. Hold your heads up young ones you are a blessing, birth with purpose in mind so let no one tell you otherwise.